Through the Coldwell Banker® Network you will be able to:

Connect with an international real estate network that is present in more than 40 countries, with more than 100,000 advisors and 3,000 offices around the world.

Have access to marketing tools, systems and strategies to ensure maximum visibility of your agency's properties.

Receive ongoing training for all managers and advisors on everything from office operations to sales techniques.

Maximise your profits, thanks to ongoing support from our industry experts, to maximise the profitability of your business. Steps to opening a franchise

At Coldwell Banker© we provide you
with support around the clock.

Coldwell Banker© is the leading real estate network for property transactions over 1 million Euros.

Coldwell Banker®, helps you position yourself in the luxury property sector, the most attractive and lucrative in the real estate market. We analyse the number and price range of properties in your area and calculate the value of the market share. We work together to determine what kind of marketing strategy is most suitable and then decide on the action plan to be carried out.

Thanks to the Coldwell Banker® worldwide network, franchisees will have access to a portfolio of properties and clients in international markets. The network members in Spain will be aware of all the latest developments in local, European and international markets and will be able to expand the offer to their potential clients.

Steps to opening a franchise

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