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The area of la Coruña

Plaza de Vigo area

La Coruña is a medium-sized city that provides wonderful places to live. The Plaza de Vigo area is surrounded by important streets through which thousands of residents and vehicles circulate every day. This area is also very well endowed with high class restaurants or places where you can take a break and have a nice glass of wine. The area around the Plaza de Vigo, for example, is full of terraces with tempting dishes, each one more attractive than the next. Streets such as Federico Tapia, Linares Rivas or Juan Flórez, as well as the adjoining streets, are the most coveted by the people of La Coruña to buy a property. We should not forget that this is also an area where important companies and institutions are located.

Nature in la Coruña

La Coruña

The gardens of Méndez Núñez

The city of La Coruña offers a wide variety of green areas spread throughout the city. We can find the gardens of Méndez Núñez, which are home to very diverse species, among which the two groups of Canary Island palm trees recognised as singular trees of Galicia stand out. The Eucalyptus diversicolor, the ombú and the kentias are also catalogued.

Mount San Pedro

Moving to a different area, we can reach the San Pedro mountain. This large public park, the true green lung of the city, is the result of a series of projects and transformations that began at the end of the last century. These projects and transformations originated from the concern and sensitivity for the recovery of an old military space with great historical and cultural values, which at the same time represented a natural viewpoint overlooking the city.

Santa Margarita Park

Finally, we have the Santa Margarita park. It was the largest park in terms of surface area in La Coruña until a few years ago, with 51,723 m². Surrounded on all sides by the city, it still retains the aromas of the old mountain: pine and eucalyptus trees, and also other popular traditions such as the pilgrimage of Santa Margarita. There is an important mass of trees, with around 70 species from different continents. The presence of the Spanish fir or pinsapo, the mimosa, the oak, the tree of heaven, the cephalotaxus, the magnolia, the yew, as well as various species of cypress, elm, thuja and juniper trees, all stand out. The green space is frequented by various species of birds such as two species of woodpeckers, two species of thrushes, chaffinch, blue tit, goldfinch, coal tit, magpie and treecreeper.

Activities and sports to do in la Coruña

Sporting activities

The city offers a wide range of sporting activities. We have access to a large number of activities such as football, hockey, basketball, golf, tennis, sailing. For sports fans we have teams such as Deportivo de La Coruña, Basket Coruña or Deportivo Liceo Hockey.

Sports facilities

In terms of facilities, the city has many options, both public and private: the nautical club, the golf club, the Riazor sports city, municipal sports centres, the Torre sports city, the Equestrian club, among many others, as well as a multitude of gyms throughout the city.

Gastronomy in la Coruña

La Coruña

High-quality local products

Undoubtedly one of the strong points of northern Spain, and especially Galicia, is its gastronomy. There are few places where you can eat such good food at such affordable prices. Meat, seafood, vegetables, Galician bread, wines… the variety and quality is seriously impressive. Its white wines are very famous, as Galicia has five areas with denomination of origin, which have turned this community into a reference point for wines such as Alvariños or Ribeiros.

The seafood of La Coruña

La Coruña, like other Galician coastal cities, is known mainly for the quality and freshness of its seafood. The barnacles, mussels, crabs, spider crabs, scallops, scallops and clams are of particular note. Fish such as turbot, sardines, sole, monkfish and hake are also very fresh and of high quality.

Meat from La Coruña

From the inland of the province comes Galician veal, a product that is of unquestionable quality, certified by the Protected Geographical Indication. It can be eaten in the form of churrasco (steak), steaks, sirloin steak, etc.

Typical dishes from La Coruña

In addition to the aforementioned cuisine, these are some of the typical dishes of La Coruña: Pulpo a la gallega or pulpo a feira, which is a typical dish from all over Galicia. It consists of octopus cooked and cut into slices, served with a drizzle of oil and sprinkled with paprika. Empanada gallega, stuffed with a wide variety of ingredients, such as tuna, cod, meat, zorza, octopus, scallops or lamprey. Pot or Galician broth (Galician stew). There is no dish more hearty than Galician stew, made mainly with turnip greens, potatoes, pork fat and lacón (pork shoulder). Lacón con grelos are the two main ingredients of this delicious dish, but it also includes chorizo and potatoes. Padrón peppers, served simply fried with a sprinkling of coarse salt on top, although please note that some are spicy and others are not.

Culture in la Coruña

La Coruña

Cultural offer

As far as culture is concerned, La Coruña offers a wide range of options to enjoy any aspect. Places such as the Opera Palace, the Colón or Rosalía theatre, the famous Domus (or house of man), the Aquarium, the house of science, the technological museum (Muncyt), the archaeological museum of the Castle of San Antón, the Museum of Fine Arts, among many others, are just a small sample of what the city has to offer.

Transport and connections in la Coruña

Sustainable mobility

Many bus lines pass through our area as it is the nerve centre of the city. It also has several bicycle stations (public service) as well as a bicycle lane that connects the city from one side to the other.

Transport links available

The airport is only 15 minutes away by car, in the town of Culleredo. The bus and train station is a 15 minute walk away. An important advantage of the area is the accessibility. The city is accessed by the main avenue (Alfonso Molina) which means that you can get directly to the Ensanche area, thus avoiding the traffic that may occur in the rest of the city.

Family life

El Ensanche, a secluded place for families

El Ensanche is a very family-friendly district. With the Plaza de Vigo in the centre, it is the meeting point for many families, children and grandparents. It has a multitude of services for the youngest members of the family, such as schools, English language schools, public and private schools (within walking distance), playgrounds, etc. For the older ones, however, it is the meeting point when it comes to having a vermouth or a glass of wine thanks to the variety of places (with their wonderful terraces) that offer these options.

Real estate market in la Coruña

La Coruña

The Ensanche, an area of high demand

Currently, the Ensanche has a high commercial and residential demand due to the beauty of its façades and the prices of housing which, although high, are more affordable than in other areas such as Parrote or María Pita. Its excellent views of the port also make Ensanche one of the best neighbourhoods to invest and live in La Coruña. So far in 2022 residential properties for sale have had an average price of €3,075 per square metre, with a decrease of 0.84% compared to the same period in 2021 (€3,101/m²).

Work opportunities

The Ensanche is one of the most business-rich areas. It is home to the most important sectors of the city. Among its many businesses you can find banks, insurance companies, restaurants, hotels, real estate, shops, among many others!

Security in la Coruña

La Coruña is among the safest cities in Spain

The cities of La Coruña are at the TOP of the safest cities in Spain.

Frqeuently Asked Questions

There is always a lively atmosphere here, day and night. This is a city to stroll around and enjoy, with beaches in the heart of the city centre and, a long promenade running almost all the way around, overlooked by the Torre de Hércules. The people of La Coruña have a reputation for living well, so make sure you follow their customs. Sit on a terrace in the Plaza de María Pita and discover its fascinating history. Or stroll through the Cantones and admire its famous modernist glass galleries. And if you want to go shopping, this is the perfect place, especially if your aim is to dress fashionably. The cuisine in La Coruña and throughout Galicia is top-notch. Not only does it stand out for its flavour, but also because most dishes and meals are extremely healthy, as the ingredients come from the land itself.

Yes. Cities in La Coruña are among the TOP safest cities in Spain.

Life in La Coruña is good as there are low cost rents, many places to visit and it is a very active city.

La Coruña is divided into 104 districts.

You must visit the Avendida de la Marina, the Plaza de Maria Pita, visit the Old Town and the Archaeological Museum Castillo de San Antón, the tower of Hercules, the beaches of Orzán and Riazor and the Monte de San Pedro.

The name of the city of La Coruña comes from the Phoenician word a Karn, meaning horn. This is how the navigators of that people would have christened it, centuries before the Roman conquest, due to the shape of the isthmus on which it is located.

The local name is "coruñés".

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