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Located on the Spanish Costa Brava, the city of Roses benefits from a privileged location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Nestled in a spectacular bay surrounded by green hills, the geography of Roses is picturesque and diverse. The city itself is built on gently sloping terrain, offering panoramic views of the sea from many points.

The heart of Roses lies in its historic center, which still retains the charm of its medieval past. Its narrow, winding streets are filled with colorful buildings, shops, restaurants, and cafes. Strolling through its alleyways, you can discover a welcoming atmosphere.

Roses is also famous for its magnificent sandy beaches. The beaches stretch for several kilometers along the coast, offering visitors an ideal place to relax, swim, and enjoy a wide variety of water sports. Whether you want to sunbathe, go scuba diving, water skiing, or simply take a stroll along the shore, Roses' beaches have something for everyone.

In terms of construction, Roses has a combination of traditional architecture and more modern developments. The newer buildings are generally located outside the city center and offer residential complexes, hotels, and tourist facilities. The city has managed to preserve its identity while meeting the needs of visitors and residents, creating a harmonious balance between the past and the present.


The city of Roses offers an exceptional natural environment, where the beauty of the sea meets the majesty of the mountains. Nearby is the Cap de Creus Natural Park, a protected nature reserve that houses remarkable biodiversity. The park, which spans a large part of the Cap de Creus peninsula, is famous for its spectacular landscapes and unique flora and fauna.

The Cap de Creus nature reserve offers endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts. You can discover hiking trails that wind through rugged landscapes, steep cliffs, and secluded coves. The panoramic views from the mountaintops are breathtaking and worth exploring. The geological diversity of the region is reflected in its fascinating rock formations, creating a landscape of striking beauty.

The surrounding mountains also offer opportunities for exploration. The Albera and Pyrenees mountain ranges are within close proximity to Roses and provide hiking trails, waterfalls, and magnificent views. These mountains are the ideal setting for hiking, mountain biking, and climbing enthusiasts, as they offer pristine natural landscapes and a tranquil serenity.

Activities and sports

The city of Roses offers a wide variety of activities to suit all tastes, from water activities to cultural visits.

Thanks to its privileged location on the Costa Brava, Roses is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts. You can go diving to explore the rich marine life underwater, sail along the picturesque coastline, go sea kayaking to discover secluded coves, or go jet-skiing for an adrenaline rush. There are schools and water sports centers that can introduce you to these activities or help you improve your skills.

Roses also boasts magnificent sandy beaches where you can relax and sunbathe. The main beaches, such as Roses Beach and Santa Margarida Beach, offer facilities, sun loungers, umbrellas, and beach activities. You can also take a stroll along the promenade and discover smaller, more secluded coves, ideal for those seeking a quieter atmosphere.

The town has a rich history and an interesting culture. You can visit the Megalithic Park of Roses, which houses dolmens and prehistoric archaeological sites. Don’t miss a walk through the historic center, with its cobbled streets, historic buildings, and charming ambiance.

The surroundings of Roses offer magnificent natural landscapes ideal for hiking and outdoor excursions. You can explore the trails of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, go hiking in the Albera mountain range, or take a boat trip to discover the coves and the spectacular coastal scenery.


The delicious gastronomy of Roses will delight your palate! With an abundance of fresh seafood and refined Mediterranean cuisine, Roses offers an unforgettable culinary experience. Renowned restaurants such as Els Brancs, Rom, or Sumac invite you to savor creative dishes made with local ingredients. Try Catalan specialties like the famous “suquet de peix,” a traditional fish stew. To accompany your meal, be sure to taste carefully selected local wines.

After a busy day, explore the lively nightlife of Roses. Tapas bars and wine bars will allow you to taste a wide variety of flavors while enjoying quality wines. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the beach bars, where you can savor a refreshing cocktail while admiring the stunning sea views.

The gastronomy and vibrant nightlife of Roses make it an ideal place to enjoy unique culinary experiences and post-sunset fun. Whether you are a food lover, wine enthusiast, or nightlife seeker, Roses promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Transportation and Connections

Roses is easily accessible thanks to its excellent transportation connections. Whether you are traveling from Spain or from abroad, you can reach Roses in various ways.

The nearest airport to Roses is Girona-Costa Brava Airport, located about 70 kilometers from the city. From here, you can take a taxi or a shuttle bus to Roses. Another option is Barcelona-El Prat Airport, which is about 160 kilometers from Roses. From Barcelona Airport, you can take a train, a bus, or rent a car to reach Roses.

If you prefer to travel by train, Roses has a well-connected train station. You can take a train from Barcelona, Girona, or other Spanish cities to Figueres-Vilafant station, and then take a bus or a taxi to Roses.

Traveling by road is also a convenient way to reach Roses. The city is well connected to the Spanish road network, as the AP-7 motorway passes nearby. If you are coming from France, you can cross the border via the A9 motorway to reach Roses.

Once in Roses, you can easily navigate the city thanks to an efficient local transportation network. Local buses connect the neighborhoods of the city and tourist attractions, allowing you to explore the area comfortably. Additionally, the city has a marina where you can moor if you are traveling by private boat.

Whether you are traveling by plane, train, car, or boat, you will find convenient access to the beautiful city of Roses.

The Real Estate Market in Roses

The real estate market in Roses, located in the beautiful Costa Brava in Spain, offers an attractive opportunity for those looking to invest in properties by the sea. With its picturesque beaches, pleasant climate, and Mediterranean ambiance, Roses is a popular destination for purchasing a house, villa, or apartment with views of the sea and mountains.

Properties in Roses offer a wide variety of options, ranging from flats with sea views to luxurious beachfront villas. Whether you’re seeking a primary residence, a vacation home, or an investment opportunity, you’ll find properties that suit your needs.

If you’re looking for a property with stunning sea views, the coastal areas of Roses are an excellent choice. Additionally, the Canyelles and Almadrava areas, with their picturesque coves and tranquil atmosphere, offer opportunities to purchase houses and villas with a unique Mediterranean charm.

Investing in properties in Roses also presents attractive potential for seasonal rentals. The region’s popularity as a tourist destination ensures a constant demand for vacation rentals, which can provide an additional source of income.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a house, villa, or apartment, the real estate market in Roses offers enticing opportunities for investors in seaside properties. With the assistance of Coldwell Banker Lux advisors, you’ll be able to find the ideal property in Roses to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle and the pleasures of the Costa Brava.

Employment opportunities

Tourism is one of the main drivers of the economy in Roses. With its beaches, water activities, and tourist attractions, the city welcomes many visitors each year. This creates job opportunities in the hospitality, restaurant, leisure, and tourism-related services sectors. Hotels, restaurants, bars, and travel agencies often seek qualified personnel to meet the needs of visitors.

The construction sector also offers employment opportunities in Roses. With the development of new real estate projects, there is a growing demand for construction professionals such as skilled workers, architects, and engineers. If you are interested in the construction field, Roses can offer interesting prospects.

Additionally, given the popularity of the Costa Brava as a tourist destination, the retail and services sectors are also dynamic in Roses. Job opportunities can be found in retail stores, souvenir shops, car rental agencies, supermarkets, and professional services.

If you are seeking job opportunities in the public sector, the Roses Town Hall and local government agencies may offer positions in administration, education, culture, and municipal services.

It is worth noting that Roses is located near major cities such as Girona and Barcelona. This provides additional job opportunities for those willing to commute to these more urban areas.

Whether you are looking for employment in the tourism, construction, retail, or services sectors, Roses offers interesting job opportunities.

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