Nicolás Diez Makovec

Nicolás Diez Makovec

Real Estate Advisor in Coldwell Banker Eminent Real Estate

An architect born in the south of Argentina, Nicolás Diez Makovec finished his undergraduate studies to pursue his professional career in Spain, especially in the beautiful area of Barcelona.
Always connected to the environment of building promotion and the development of collective housing together with his father, an accountant, he found his place in the real estate sector and the possibilities that this opens up for everyone.
Thanks to his great social skills and his friendly and approachable manner, along with his detailed perception and great organisation, he firmly believes in serious, fair and transparent work in advising his clients; both for those looking to sell their property, and a buyer needing help in identifying their next home.
He enjoys the vitality of the Coldwell Banker team, and the quality of its human capital in bringing opportunities to all our clients.
Having lived for periods of time in both the United States and European cities, he finds meeting clients of different nationalities and diverse lifestyles an enriching and exciting experience; always open to the new, different, and innovative.
Additional passions include history, art and world knowledge.

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